Our Story

Protecting people from infectious diseases isn’t just a business venture for H7 Technologies, for its founder and CEO Sherylinn Hoang, it is a deeply rooted passion. During her early career working as an infection control nurse, she saw first-hand how dangerous pathogens can cause traumatic patient outcomes. Sherylinn knew there must be a better way to stop the transmission of infections and help protect human lives. She became determined to develop innovative technology that solves the world’s most critical healthcare needs.

The solution came to light in 2019 when Sherylinn was working as a successful business owner, entrepreneur and mother of five children. Working from home one day, she noticed her robotic vacuum cleaner crossing the living room floor and that’s when the idea clicked: She should design a robotic device that could destroy dangerous airborne pathogens and disinfect surfaces at the same time. That’s when the H7 Technologies’ dream was born.

Inspired by new advances in ultraviolet light technology, she began collaborating with top industry experts, scientists and engineers to design the world's first smart mobile ultraviolet device that safely delivers an effective and sustainable disinfection solution for occupied spaces. She pioneered a new way to combine UV-C technology with sophisticated software and engineering to create the next generation of disinfection products. Sherylinn’s dedication to finding a solution to protect human lives resulted in new inventions that reimagine the future of indoor health and set new standards for infection prevention.

The result is H7 Technologies and its revolutionary new Surya devices.