Innovation for a healthier, safer world

H7 Technologies is a global leader in UV-C disinfection devices that integrate innovative ultraviolet light technology with advanced artificial intelligence to safely and effectively protect children, adults and seniors against infectious diseases.

With a shared passion to develop life saving solutions to protect human health, our team of world-renowned scientists, physicians, inventors and UV experts created the Safe Surya Solution - a line of futuristic disinfection solutions with breakthrough technology that eradicate and prevent the transmission of airborne and surface pathogens.

Safe Surya Solution

We’re proud to unveil our patent-pending Safe Surya Solution - a game-changer for our global health, economy, and peace of mind.

Our groundbreaking ultraviolet light products set new industry standards for smart, safe and sustainable disinfection. Surya technology is quickly becoming an essential and invaluable tool in the battle against deadly diseases.

Proudly named after a mythical “Sun God,” Surya harnesses the power of UV-C rays to protect people and animals from dangerous microorganisms.

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Limitless Applications.

As COVID-19 disrupts our society, economy and world, one thing it taught us is how pathogens can rapidly spread and jeopardize public health especially inside public spaces like medical and business offices, planes, hospitals, schools, retail stores, public transit, hotels, restaurants, and other institutions.

But the trusted visionaries at H7 Technologies were developing new inventions for infection prevention long before anyone had ever heard of the coronavirus. Led by an experienced entrepreneur and infection control nurse, the H7 team built the next generation of effective and sustainable disinfection tools that are powerful enough to destroy dangerous pathogens but safe for humans and our planet.

By creating a healthier environment, we can resume daily activities with confidence and help us all enjoy a better world today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

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