Why Surya

Surya revolutionizes the way we think about infection control and reshapes the future of indoor health.

Surya is backed by science, engineered by industry experts. Our devices are safe UV disinfection tools that effectively kill deadly microorganisms in the air and on surfaces in minutes, without posing any health risks to humans. Our technology eradicates pathogens like coronaviruses, norovirus, tuberculosis, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), clostridium difficile (C-diff) and influenza, before they can spread among people in public indoor spaces.

H7 Technologies developed five different Surya models that are mobile and autonomous to meet the needs of any organization. The unique designs can effectively and dependably disinfect spaces of all shapes, sizes and configurations. Surya can be used to destroy contagious viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, and yeasts that are found in almost any setting.

Surya is eco-friendly, eliminating the need for toxic cleaning chemicals while reducing the amount of time and labor needed to disinfect occupied spaces.

Why Surya is the Industry Leader

  • Innovative technology delivers a clean, sustainable and reliable solution to destroy dangerous pathogens before they can spread through public spaces.
  • Offers chemical-free and non-toxic disinfection.
  • Prevents business shutdowns and catastrophic financial losses.
  • Reduces outbreaks leading to an epidemic or global pandemic.
  • Protects the global economy from economic crisis.
  • Saves money long-term by reducing manual labor costs and eliminating the need for large cleaning crews and supplies.
  • Reduces human error.
  • Reduces legal liability and financial exposure posed by employees and consumers, who might otherwise be exposed to harsh chemicals or unsafe disinfection tools and devices.
  • Saves lives.

The transmission of deadly pathogens can be prevented.

Together we can create a healthier indoor environment to save millions of human lives and reduce economic burdens.


6M deaths globally $24T in economic burden globally

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the US alone

90K deaths annually $28B in economic burden each year

Impact of COVID-19 on Education

91% of the world’s students affected 1.6B children unable to attend schools limiting learning and achievements